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thanks to ann and nancy wilson, and all of my guests tonight. the show is over. good night, everybody. i'm jennifer grandholm. despite giving it his best effort, mitt romney still has a chance to win in november. >> as the governor said that is also a race and freedom. >> jennifer: the prognosis, use your hands more. yeah, like that will fix it. you need a game changer my friend. animating hand gestures will only get you so far. in ohio, 150,000 jobs -- >> jennifer: oh, never mind. ♪
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>> jennifer: all right. we're now smack in the middle of what so far has been a no good very bad week for mitt romney. but don't you dare count your chickens. first to the campaign trail today where romney tried to shift the conversation away from his outrageous and offensive 47% line, so his latest outrageous attack on the president. that the president would stage a soviet style plot to redistribute the wealth. >> this is how america works. it does not work by america saying it is killed by government. this question of this campaign is not who cares about the poor
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and the middle class. i do. he does. the question is who can help the poor and the middle class. i can. he can't. he has proven it in four years. >> jennifer: now mr. 47% cares about the poor. polls out today show that at least to far romney has not found a message that sticks. new numbers from four key swing states shows the president ahead in all but one, new hampshire. in pennsylvania the president leads by nine points nine points! in colorado, the closest race, the president leads by a point. in virginia he is up by four points. and romney has visited the state nine times since february. paul ryan has been there five times. and this is just sweet. ryan's home state of wisconsin, the president is now up by six
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points. the romney yacht has clearly hit troubled waters, and now some prominent republicans are running for the lifeboats. yesterday linda mcman of connecticut and susanna martinez both distances themselves. and so did scott brown of massachusetts. and said he declined to even say whether he still supports romney. browns spokesman clarified later, saying that brown does support romney. but it doesn't thenned. nevada senator, dean heller told "politico," quote . . . >> jennifer: nice.
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today, new hampshire republican gubernatorial candidate, said, quote, there's no 47% in new hampshire as far as i'm concerned. and then in north carolina mark meadows said . . . >> jennifer: and they just keep piling on. former virginia congressman tom davis was asked what sort of candidate would make a remark like that? a he told "politico," quote, no one with any political instincts. he needs to be scripted the rest of the campaign he is a ceo, davis said not a political animal. zing! so romney does have a few supporters, though. >> if you listen to the whole context of what mitt talks about, he -- he is talking about what is happening right now in
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america, and how more and more people are falling into poverty, more in particular women are falling into poverty, so there is a concern on his part -- >> jennifer: okay. okay. to be fair. it's not just -- just his wife supporting him. there are some really thoughtful and reasonable -- rush limbaugh as well as fox new's sean hannity, laura ingraham, alan rest of florida, erick erickson the founder of the koch brother's freedom works -- actually it seems like the entire population of crazytown is on board with mitt romney. but more main stream conservatives have been critical including bill crystal, and david brooks who called him famously now thurston howell romney, and called his
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ideas a country club fantasy. here is the reality, though. this my dear progressives is not over. while i thoroughly enjoyed talking about who is jumping ship, while the republican chattering classes might be running away, it is still not clear that voters are entirely. so democrats do not count your chickens. in two tracking polls a "wall street journal" nbc poll shows the president's convention bounce is eroding somewhere. and that poll comes after mitt romney's disastrous comments on libya, which many observers thought would play in the president's favor. romney also has the money edge. it raised a record $35.6 million
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in august and has raised nearly $200 million overall. the only way to fight that kind of big money, that kind of big money spending is by voting and proving that your vote cannot be bought. joining me now from austin to talk about whether mitt romney can recover from this week's stumbles and what the obama campaign should be doing is wayne slater. wayne is a seen i don't know political writer for the dallas morning news and theco author of two very famous made george w. bush presidential," and "the architect: karl rove and the dream of absolute power." wayne is coming to tell us what is inside karl rove's brain. thank you for joining us inside "the war room." >> great to be with you, governor. >> great to have you back. after all we have seen and after all of these polls, it is
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over for romney? >> yeah, if we were playing texas hold'em, i think i would rather have president obama's hand than mitt romney's hand. but you can always draw something at the river and win in the end. any democrat who thinks the relative success of the obama campaign from the failures of the romney campaign means he is doomed is living in a fantasy land. >> i appreciate what you are saying. i think a lot of people look at this and say it's over. you know more than anybody about karl rove, do you think that rove or the republicans in general have an october surprise up their sleeves? >> here is what we know. we know karl would like to have an october surprise to have
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something that would significantly change the narrative late in the game. rove has a history of doing this kind of thing certainly against mccain, and ann richards as governor, but he is also a pragmatic guy who understands that if you are betting on something crazy happening at the end that long hail mary pass then you are really at a disadvantage, so i think what rove and company are doing is trying to establish a narrative, and they are sticking with romney, just this week what we have seen is that cross roads pacs -- american cross roads is putting nearly $9 million into key states with a new ad mentioning romney by name. what does that tell you? one, that they think romney is really in trouble, and two rove and company still think if they can build a narrative that could
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be successful in november then romney could win. >> jennifer: and that's an interesting point. you know rove's super pac -- obviously this is not the campaign, but rove himself -- actually i think it is a 10 million dollarsed a for romney, and $2 million for the congressional races. but i wonder is he playing a long game here? looking past this presidential election, because rumor has it he is a long-game strategist. >> he is a long-game strategist. he still holds the idea of a permanent or enduring republican majority. at the moment -- if you really look at the evidence governor it is he is not playing a long game. the evidence in terms of spending is that he thinks mitt romney could win under the right circumstances, so he had money in the game in the event that you begin to see american cross roads and gps commercials moving
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away from the key cross road states important in the presidential states or away from romney and to the see senate candidates in the races that he hopes the republicans can win if they have any hope of taking the senate, then that's the moment you know this race is over but at this moment it isn't just karl building for the future it's karl thinking it is possible. >> jennifer: right. and obviously because karl rove is in charge of american cross roads, he is not directly involved -- ostensibly -- involved in the campaign. but ed gillespie is. >> what happened to stewart
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stevens and to some extend gillespie is that the romney people believed we win this race by telling people how lousy barack obama is. we don't have to be specific outline big details, economic policies, we simply need to say that barack obama hasn't fixed things, and that i, mitt romney have. that clearly -- or it appears that is not enough. the indications are in the polls that they are going to have to do something. so i think if there is something in the brain of stu stevens, mitt romney and ed gillestby tonight, it is that we need to roll out specific plans about the economy, that can convince people not simply that i say i can fix the economy, but so that that tiny sliver of movable voters, and it could only be 4
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to 6 to 8% will move from obama or finally decide to go with romney, because they think he can fix things. at the moment they don't think he can. they are not sure obama can, but if romney can convince them he has an idea, has a set of specific plans that will make a difference in their life romney wins this thing. but i see very little evidence that that has hand. >> jennifer: the reason why he is not being specific is that the specifics in fact chase people the other direction. more specific he is the more people are frightened by the reverse robinhood and all of the policies that don't help the middle class, don't you think? how can he be specific with paul ryan on the ticket? >> i think it's a real problem. the moment he says i think he ought to reduce or eliminate the
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home exemption and excerpt shups for family, that is a definite -- it is a box, no question about this, governor. but what he has to do is to convince voters -- at least a small group of voters that i actually can make your life better. in order to do that he has to offer up specifics, and you are right, some of those are toxic. so god help them. i think they have a tough time in the next few weeks. >> i do too. but what do i know? i'm democrat. that's wayne slater, senior political reporter with "the dallas morning news." really appreciate you coming inside "the war room." and now a "war room" call to action. what can you do to get involved in your democracy. take a listen to michelle obama talking to young people. >> we want as many as you young people -- you all know you need to vote early -- you need a
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whole lot of time right? because election day your alarm goes off, you forgot is today election day. you know how you all are, so vote early. >> jennifer: you know how you all are. that's right all of your progressives young and old should know that early voting is happening right now. both sides are feverishly trying to get their votes. and there is true the vote that is trying to intimidate people at the ballot box. do not let them win! if you live in north carolina kentucky, or indiana, you can get your absent tooe ballot right now. if you live in wisconsin you can get your absentee ballot
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starting tomorrow. you can start voting in nearly 30 states this month, so right now, go to our website, you can see it up on the screen, click on any of those boxes that say get your absentee ballot here! people you can do this today! you might be discouraged or busy, but you can never have too much on your plate not to engage in the most important right you have as a citizen. calling all of you who are angry, frustrated, inspired i'm asking you, your nation is calling you! please get your ballot right now. stand up walk over to your computer right now. request your ballot right now. get your friends and family to do the same, and then vote as if your country's feature your
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♪ >> jennifer: now it wouldn't surprise me if that the final scene of "thelma and louise"
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comes to mind when you hear drive off of the fiscal cliff. driving off a fiscal cliff has nothing to do with two women running away from the law. it's about fiscal policy but what exactly does it mean? and while we're on the subject of wonky economic terms, what a credit downgrade sequestration and debt ceiling. coming to us with easy to understand answers to complicated issues is mark zandi. he is the author of new book "paying the price - ending the great recession and beginning a new american century." mark welcome back inside "the war room". >> i feel like i have to take a test. what is going on?
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>> you are going to do some splaining for us. >> i thought my test days were over. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: let me get to an issue from today. because we have issue -- we have an issue with today's housing numbers. according to any -- the national association of realtors sales jumped last month. and according to the commerce department construction of single-family homes jumped. so are we finally recovering from this housing bust? >> yeah. the housing crash is over. housing is improving. the numbers are still low by historical standards. we're just off bottom, but we're moving in the right direction, and thank goodness. we're going to need the growth coming out of the housing, because other parts of the
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economy are quite soft. so it is very, very encouraging. >> jennifer: that is encouraging. now we're going to put on your splaining hat. economic terms like driving off of a fiscal cliff can be hard to understand. can you tell us in as plain of english as possible what it means. >> well under current law -- so that means if policy makers do nothing -- if they don't pass any legislation, then come january 1st, 2013, tax rates will go up on everybody. the bush tax cuts expire the payroll tax holiday goes away, and we get government spending cuts. government spend willing be cut for a range of reasons. you add it all up it is over
7:24 pm
$700 billion in 2013, that's about 4.5% of gdp. that's a really big number. and if we go over the cliff, meaning policy makers do nothing, then the economy will go into recession in early 2013. it will be too much for the economy to digest. >> jennifer: so you have been watching this in congress. obviously they took a number of steps to prevent this from happening last year. how worried are you that this is actually going to happen? >> well, i -- i'm worried, and i think many people are -- >> jennifer: i'm worried, sort of? >> yeah. yeah. business people have been very cautious in hiring and one of the reasons may be is they feel like policy makers may botch this. so i am worried but having said that, i do think that the political stars are roughly
7:25 pm
aligning; that after the election -- probably not until early next year, january, february, we will get some kind of deal that will scale back the fiscal cliff and do a couple of other things that need to get done like raise the treasury debt ceiling and also very important to avoid a credit downgrade, policy makers have to lay out a path for the future to get spending small enough that the debt to gdp ratio stabilizes. and i think with a little bit of luck, the political stars are aligned that they won't do it. >> joy: but you said it won't happen until after january which means the fiscal cliff would have arrived and we would have gone over it, and will that force a deal? and if that's the case how long after the cliff arrives do we
7:26 pm
have before there's some lasting damage to the economy? >> yeah, all great questions. the way i would put it is i don't think january 1, 2013 will be a wiley coyote moment for the economy. it's not like we're going to splatter on the floor -- on the canyon floor below, but i think over time as days pass and as weeks pass then it will start to do damage, because people -- withholdings will change, and the spending cuts will begin to bite. so by late january, early february if we don't have a deal, then we have a problem. policy makers don't have to do it on january 1st. we need to have that -- we need to go into january to generate the pressure the political pressure to generate the will to get it done, but they need to get it done and signed and
7:27 pm
sealed by -- if not late january early february. >> jennifer: quickly moody's is warning that the united states is soon going to face a credit downgrade if they don't deal with this. what would that do to our retirement accounts and mutual funds and stocks if that hand? >> i'm not part of the rating agency. i sold my company to moody's so i have no insider information about the downgrade, but i read carefully what they say and pay close attention to it. and they are pretty clear if we get into next year and can't get a deal and do those things i discussed, they will probably down grade the debt. that won't cataclysmic, but it will hurt.
7:28 pm
they will download all of the debts. so we will see investment managers having to sell that debt, because they have contractors with investors saying that can't own debt at ratings that are lower than agreed. and that hurts everybody, 401k pension, because we all own stocks and bonds. so this is not a good thing. >> jennifer: all right. mark i really appreciate it. mark zandi, chief economist at moody's analytics. and up next, win the presidency, take back the house, keep the senate? we'll see how we're doing on the senate after the break. ♪ membership. welcome in. american express. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke.
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or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership.
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>> jennifer: all right you progressive political junksies as mitt keeps being mitt and the president keeping being the president, i'm feeling pretty good. but democrats have a 53-47 advantage in the senate. republicans only need to pick up four seats to win the majority. there are 15 races that are toss ups or leaning toward one party. here is the lay of the land in the 15. the first race -- these are polls that came out today. elizabeth warren and scott brown. today she is five points up. scott brown has a higher favorable, and she is doing less well among republicans than he is doing against democrats.
7:32 pm
second connecticut senate chris murphy 37, linda mcmahon 33. there are 28% who are undecided. virginia senate two polls out today. tim kaine and allen. kaine is up in both of them pretty significantly. he is doing well around richmond where he was the mayor and kaine has a new ad out that we'll talk about. in wisconsin two polls out today, tammy baldwin which is a bit of a surprise here is up nine points. this poll, though, is only registered voters. this poll is likely voters. still shows at ties. a bit of a surprise, because the former governor had been doing
7:33 pm
very well. last one i want to point out is the main senate seat. this is a three-way, because angus king is an independent, and he is doing, obviously very well. our democrat is not doing all that well but the question is where will king caucus once he is elected. so very, very exciting. up next even at the national level, all politics are local, and christine pelosi and duf sundheim are going to tell us which issues matter and where. and as always we're going to ask duf why he has not jumped ship and joined the good guys yet. only a question of when. you're in "the war room" and we'll be right back.
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>> jennifer: on the campaign front, the attacks against mitt romney for his 47% remark are starting to amount as we have
7:37 pm
discussed. priorities usa action the super pac friendly to president obama's election is out with a new 30-second tv ad. >> behind these doors, mitt romney calls half of the american people -- victims? behind these doors middle class families struggle and romney will make things even tougher to give multi-millionaires a $250 million tax break. >> jennifer: as we mentioned earlier, republican candidates are distances themselves from the campaign. joining us is christine pelosi and duf sundheim. welcome back both of you inside "the war room." let me start with you, duf. all of these romney comments about the 47% seems to have some
7:38 pm
impact down valid. is he going to be hurting the rest of the ticket? >> i don't think so. the gallop came out with a poll that show two-thirds of the people show his comments make them more likely to vote for him or -- >> two-thirds of all people? >> yes. >> so i think the concerns about what romney said about foreign policy would hurt him, and it actually hurt obama. i don't think it will be the game changer that you are hoping for. >> that's interesting. because christine, you have been involved, obviously your mom has been leading the charge to try to get this drive to 25. what of what mitt romney is best pickings to be able to pick off of a few of those seats. >> we have been saying for a long time, that when it comes to romney/ryan what it does for
7:39 pm
social security medicare medicaid swing voters have already been vary of them. so what romney said just solidified what people suspected. republicans have been saying that to me for the five years i have been debating national politics. so from my perspective it does harden the battle lines, so if you are in a swing area you are going to run away from mitt romney as fast as you can. and that will happen in florida, pennsylvania ohio, in nevada, in new mexico, in colorado and new hampshire -- >> jennifer: you are saying -- >> you are also find that will help us in california in our texas pickups and also arizona. >> jennifer: texas you have five to six seats that you can potential pick up? >> that are in play.
7:40 pm
i think we pick up three to five -- >> jennifer: so these are potential pickups on the house side which you think you can take advantage of some of the remarks that romney made to do that. >> this is fuzzy math. [ laughter ] >> the path we're on in terms of medicare and social security is unsustainable. so there are a lot of people out there that deal that the democrats are -- you know, have their blinders on in terms of what the long-term problems are. at least romney and ryan have the guts to address the issue. >> no, they don't. >> jennifer: they are not specific, that's the problem. listen to nancy pelosi's comments from this morning on the today show. take a listen, one second. >> we need 25 seats to win back the democratic majority in the house. state long shot? >> i would say it's 50/50, and especially with the selection of
7:41 pm
ryan. >> jennifer: so what you are saying is a good move she is saying is going to tip things our way. >> i think the senate is much more in play, but i think -- they can do it it's a four to one shot but i think the odds are the republicans are going to maintain control -- >> jennifer: i want to listen to an ad that tim kaine is running in virginia. take a listen first. ♪ i don't agree with any president all the time, but i know when our nation succeeds virginia succeeds. as governor, i worked with the bush administration, and with the obama administration to stop an aircraft carrier from moving out of virginia. >> jennifer: good idea for democrats to appeal on a bipartisan way? >> absolutely.
7:42 pm
and hope people get amnesia as to what he did when he was the head of the dnc. >> jennifer: he was number one governor, though. >> and he has a son in the military. the best answer came from chet edwards. he said if it's best for waco i'm voting for waco and when it's good for the country i'm voting for president bush. >> by the way governor i'm sure in some poll kaine is number 1, but in some polls you must have been number 2. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: oh, right. you have folks -- montana, north dakota, very conservative areas, and they have to be bipartisan too. >> everybody has to take care of home. if you are not taking care of
7:43 pm
home, you will be sent home. >> all right. thank you very much for coming inside "the war room" -- that is duff pelosi -- duff pelosi! [ laughter ] >> that ain't going to happen. >> duf sundheim, and christine pelosi. they are all part of the same family. tired of karl rove trying to hoodwink the country? well, there's an app for that. we'll show it to you next.
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7:47 pm
but on july 12th president obama dropped the work requirements. under obama's plan we wouldn't have to work or train for a job, they just send you a welfare check. >> jennifer: well that doozy of anned a is from the romney campaign, and it's clearly a 30-second lie, but not all ads are as easy to decipher. take this one for instance. ♪ [ chanting obama ] ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> jennifer: you actually think it's an obama ad but it is actually from the other side which is sort of confusing, and probably the point of the
7:48 pm
creators. well, before if you wanted to finds out if an ad is true there is a new app. coming to us tonight from boston to explain how this super pac app works is dan siegel, co-founder of glassy media. dan, thank for joining us inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me on governor. >> jennifer: you bet. tell us exactly how does this super pac app work. >> absolutely. it is a free app down line in the app store. and it works when you see a presidential ad come on your tv you hold the app up, and it will
7:49 pm
here it a then it will score. who is behind this ad the direction they lean. and then some more information how much money have they raised and spent to date, and there's an opportunity as well for the user to actually rate theed a, and if you want to keep digging you can see the claims of the ad as well. >> jennifer: i'm going to repeat it back in layperson's terms. i go to my phone find my applications icon download the super pac app. i am sitting in front of my tv. and i see an ad, and i go what the heck is this? i get my app up i hold my phone next to the tv and it tells me -- yep. >> jennifer: this is an ad that is from this super pac and they
7:50 pm
spent x amount of money, and this is who is behind it; is that the idea? >> you nailed it. yeah, that's exactly right. >> jennifer: why? why did you do this? why do we need a super pac app? >> sure. when you -- so i was studying at business school at mit, and sort of a political junky on the side and i was reading about how much money is coming into this election, and the estimate i read was $11 billion will be spent across the races in 2012. and a whole lot of that is pouring into television ads so i just decided there has got to be a way to cut through the noise more easily, than signing up for a couple of hours of homework every night. that's a very time-consuming
7:51 pm
task, and it's not fun, and therefore most people don't do it, and so we wanted to build a way that we could connect people with that information that's oftentimes consuming to find but do it in a fun and easy way. >> jennifer: and it really -- obviously it helps with transparency. everybody has been wondering who is behind these. this is a quick way for somebody to find that out right? >> exactly. it's quick that easy to use -- >> jennifer: but wait a second so you hold up your phone and something tells me because we have all of this voice activated software now it's just voice recognition, except it applies to the text of an ad that you guys have somehow loaded in. >> it's called audio recognition technology. and it takes an audio input, we need about 10 seconds of audio and we match that using
7:52 pm
sophisticated algorithms, and we match that against the database. >> jennifer: i love it. who is downloading this app? can you tell? >> yes, we were excited to see -- went we debuted, we hit number 1 in the app store in our category. >> jennifer: really? >> yes. so who is downloading it? everyone. it has been downloaded in all 50 states and downloaded across the world which has been interesting to see. and this is really a tool for the voters and really whether you lean left or right or up or down this is for you. all presidential ads are loaded into the app, and all claims in those ads are sourced. so whether you want to check on whether obama and his team are making crazy claims, or check on the same thing for the other side, it is in there for the
7:53 pm
users to explore. >> jennifer: that's great. i was going to say you went to both conventions and people were really interested in it and i like the fact that you are mit grads out with a great idea. and thank you for coming into "the war room" to explain it. that's dan siegel, co-founder of glassy media. after the break, brett ehrlich takes out the trash. ♪ they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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